To catalyze the Kenyan tech community’s growth.



  • Deadline: Tuesday 10th December 2013
  • Location: NAIROBI
Job Description

Are you the next Frontline developer that is going to make the world, and our code base, a better place?

• “Web development isn’t a proper thing, HTML/CSS/JS are just the bits that show off your Grails app aren’t they?”

• Around 3 years worth of tech dev anecdotes from the coal face

• You don’t need to Google what ‘TDD’ is

• You only work in agile-based teams

• Distributed teams are not a problem, they’re a chance to travel and meet people

• You’ll no doubt want to come to work, live and experience Nairobi as part of an exciting 7-yr-old app company with a start-up mentality.

• With close ties both geographically (same building), technically (integrated apps) and socially (shared beers) to Ushahidi and their iHub you’ll find a lot of interesting things going on around us.

How to apply

Read through our full job description here and then tell us why you could be our next chief with a CV or link to prove it