To catalyze the Kenyan tech community’s growth.


LakeHub Manager1

  • Company: LakeHub
  • Deadline: Thursday 24th October 2013
  • Location: Kisumu
Job Description

About LakeHub

LakeHub ( is a growing and enthusiastic community of techies, and entrepreneurs based in and around Kisumu, Kenya. More than that, LakeHub is a way of showing that African countries have technology capacity in more than just capital cities. Kenya has been at the forefront of ICT, but nearly all attention in the tech sector has so far been focused on Nairobi.

Established in May, 2013 LakeHub was started by students and young professionals living in and around Kisumu that want to empower technologists in the region to take advantage of the limitless opportunities to improve business with technology. As LakeHub continues to grow it will create co-working space(s), grow tech-based businesses, build personal and professional networks, and support teams with creative solutions in locally relevant industries such as Fishing, Dairy, and Tea Farming.

Lake Hub is has already met with success in bringing together and strengthening the technology community in Western Kenya.  Now, LakeHub is seeking a full time manager to help the quickly growing organization rise to the next level.  We are looking for someone who shares our passion, won’t take “No” for an answer, and is interested in the position described below.

About the Position

The LakeHub Manager will guide all aspects of the development of LakeHub into a world-class technology hub and center for technology-based innovation. The role will require an extremely motivated, persistent, high-energy, and pro-active individual with the ability to inspire investors, relate to techies, and build a strong media presence. The manager will seek funding and investments, lead the search for a permanent space, solicit speakers, coordinate events, collaborate with government bodies, and manage the organization’s finances.

The manager will have the management skill and entrepreneurial spirit necessary to lead during this exciting time of growth. They will be supported by the directors of the organization and the members of LakeHub in all efforts.

Goals and Responsibilities

1)  Develop and further core programmatic elements for LakeHub Members

·  Conduct networking to effectively identify, attract, and organize for speakers with specific technology expertise from the public and private sector to present to LakeHub

·  Identify member expertise and guide the creation and continuation of skill sharing sessions

·  Plan occasional “large-scale” events such as Bar Camp Kisumu, Mobile Garage, or Hackathons

·  Guide the learning efforts of LakeHub members in target programming languages, integrated development environments, software, and computing platforms

2)  Build strong media presence in the national and international tech scene

·  Fearlessly secure publication amongst local, national, regional, and international newspapers, blogs, and journalists

·  Create and encourage the creation of content for a LakeHub website, blog, and content related to the activities of the Lab

·  Maximize visibility of content through social and traditional media

·  Interact with other hubs and hub aggregators such as AfriLabs to document the growth path of the organization

3)  Develop the financial, administrative, and logistical capacities of the organization

·  Identify and secure a permanent meeting space suitable for LakeHub HQ

·  Liaise with local and national ISP providers and establish partnerships

·  Build financial systems including a way to accept online donations, and methods for financial tracking

·  Orchestrate systems to organize volunteers in preparation for events held in Kisumu and at universities within the region

Qualifications and Experiences

We care more about who you are, what ideas you have, and what you can convince us you are capable of, than what you have accomplished. A successful candidate is likely to have:

·  Entrepreneurial spirit and eagerness to work in a start-up environment

·  Ability to independently take initiative in unstructured environments

·  Extensive knowledge of 2+ programming languages

·  Excellent organizational skills and a high level of attention to completing tasks and bringing processes to a successful and complete close

·  Desire to build and lead an organization

LakeHub is in a relatively early stage and as such has limited financial resources, a significant responsibility for this position is to expand the financial resources available. Candidates should be willing to commit to a time period of no less than 1 year. The first 3 months will be considered as a “probation period” and starting pay during these initial 3 months will be between 20,000 and 40,000 KES per month in-line with experience. Salary for the remainder of the contract will be directly linked to the level of success of the candidate in raising funds for the organization. In short, a candidate that effectively raises funds will have the potential for a considerably higher salary.

How to apply

To apply for the job please ensure you complete the follow two steps:

1)  Visit complete the LakeHub Pre-Interview Survey

2)  Send a copy of your CV accompanied by a brief letter indicating your interest to

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. All candidates that will receive a phone interview will be contacted via e-mail within one week of the time of application.