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Project Costing: Science or Guesswork?RSVP

  • Venue: iHub
  • Date: Wednesday 14th May 2014
  • Starts: 6:00pm
  • Ends: 7:30pm

For freelancers and young software consulting houses, project costing is never a straightforward exercise. It is quite difficult to attach a cost to a project. What are the factors that you should consider? Do you look at the time and resources it will take to deliver on the project? Do you look at the value what you are building has to the client? 

On the Wednesday, May 14th, from 06:00 - 07:30 PM, we are inviting you to demystify project costing with us. Guided by a team of established speakers -Sprout ConsultingMobidev and James Mwai, we would also like to hear your experiences with potential clients. Thereafter, you can join us for a drink. Click HERE to sign up.