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Creatives Meet-upAnyone

  • Venue: Go Down Arts Centre
  • Date: Sunday 8th July 2012
  • Starts: 2:00pm
  • Ends: 5:00pm

For the first time ever – at the GoDown Arts Centre is the Creativez Meetup on “Connected Creatives” – a 2 part series boasting a panel of connected game-changers from various industries- all whose brand, exploits and social capital is due to their social connectivity (offline and online). You will hear how a small network-if harnessed can help grow your business and sustain it for years to come. You will learn how online connectivity is changing the shape and way we do business and that in this day and age, traditional values like “trust, work-are key in building these bridges. We also will explore the wealth and possiblies as well as open you to the potential channels you can use to advance yourself further.

DON’T MISS THIS if you’re curious about buzzwords like “Social media”, “networking”, “influence” and “Social Wealth”. This is also vauluable for professionals looking at newer ways and frontiers of doing business, gaining global recognition, sharing ideas and creating wealth.