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Pivot East Launch BarazaAnyone

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Monday 6th February 2012
  • Starts: 2:30pm Ends: 3:30pm

East Africa is increasingly known globally as a breeding ground for mobile innovation. Deliberate efforts are required to sustain the favorable attention and momentum for the region to retain its position as a mobile innovations cradle. Pivot 25 was the inaugural mobile applications and developer competition/conference in East Africa. This competition which culminates in a pitching conference is organized by m:lab EastAfrica and its partners.

In keeping  with  the  African tradition of  consultation  and  communion,we have  organized  a  series  of  discussion  barazas to  disseminate  information on  Pivot East. In  attendance  will be  various  stakeholders in  the  pitching conference  that include sponsors,developers,investors and the  media.
At the Pivot Baraza ,concerns on  various aspects  of  the competition  will  be add


Excellence in Software lecture by Randal BryantRSVP

  • Venue: Strathmore University, 5th Floor, Student Centre, Nairobi
  • Date: Friday 3rd February 2012
  • Starts: 5:00pm Ends: 7:00pm

An exclusive lecture by Randal Bryant, Dean, Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science

For the first time in Africa, software engineer Professor Randal Bryant will give a lecture on computer systems. 

Bryant will go over the underlying principles by which programs are executed on a computer with broad coverage of processor operation, compilers, operating systems, and networking.  

Whereas most lectures on computer systems focus on material from the perspective of one who designs or implements part of the system, Bryant will presents the view of a system visible to application programmers.  

Participants will learn how, by understanding aspects of the underlying system, they can make their programs faster and more reliable. This approach provides immediate benefits for all computer science and engineering students and also prepares them for more advanced systems cour


Dr. Zhen Liu TalkAnyone

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Tuesday 31st January 2012
  • Starts: 6:00pm Ends: 7:00pm


Zhen joined Nokia in 2008 as the Head of NRC Beijing, and then became the Head of NRC Growth Economies Lab, which has research teams in Beijing, Shenzhen, Bangalore and Nairobi. Before joining Nokia, Zhen was with IBM T. J. Watson Research Center and served as the manager of Sys


Mobile Monday with Dr. Zhen LiuRSVP

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Monday 30th January 2012
  • Starts: 6:00pm Ends: 8:00pm

Join us on Monday 30th January from 6 pm for the first Mobile Monday event this year.

The session will be a presentation by Dr. Zhen Liu, Head of Nokia Research Centre Growth Economies Lab, which has research teams in Beijing, Shenzhen, Bangalore and Nairobi.

Before joining Nokia, Zhen was with IBM T. J. Watson Research Center and served as the manager of System Analysis and Optimization group, and the senior manager of the Next Generation Distributed Systems department, and was a master inventor at IBM. Prior to this experience, Zhen worked in Orange Labs (formerly France Telecom R&D) as a Research Associate, and in INRIA (the F


The Creativez MeetupAnyone

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Sunday 29th January 2012
  • Starts: 2:00am Ends: 5:30pm

Are you an Innovator, Creative, Techie or ArtyCulturalist? 2012's First Creativez Meetup kicks of on Sunday 29th January at iHub- Bishop Magua Ctr 2pm-5.30pm

Our speakers Brand Kenya Ceo Mary Kimonye and Brainwave Communications (an African leading visual arts company) Rio Alves will be sharing their various experiences and tipping us on "The Business of Creativity"

If you want to find out how to position yourself as a Kenyan Brand? what sort of support if possible you can expect from Brand Kenya? At what stage should you review your innovative or creative business and figure out whats working and change models? Global avenues for positioning yourself not just as a creative / techie, Intellectual property rights etc.. you DONT want to miss this! 

For more info or to rsvp for this FREE event email or tweet @TheCreativez


Nairobi Systers EventAnyone

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Saturday 28th January 2012
  • Starts: 2:00pm Ends: 5:00pm

It has been said that the twenty first century is witnessing the ever increasing role of science and technology in all aspects of life be it culture, business, education, politics, to mention a few. Sadly, it has also been noted that women do not have a strong presence in these two fields yet they offer solutions for many global problems. As such, this has been a cause for alarm for a long period of time, and many initiatives have been established to eliminate this problem.

In 1987, renowned computer scientist Anita Borg founded the Systers online community in the spirit of broadly promoting the interests of women in the fields of computing and technology. This was long before online community was part of the mainstream. Systers provides a private space to seek advice from peers and discuss challenges faced as women in technology. It has created an enviroment in which women work more conducive for continued participation in the field. Today, Systers is reco


Mozilla MeetupAnyone

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Saturday 28th January 2012
  • Starts: 9:00am Ends: 2:00pm

Mozilla Kenya Meetup


World Bank Finances/Open Data EventAnyone

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Thursday 26th January 2012
  • Starts: 6:00pm Ends: 8:00pm

The World Bank Finances team wants to engage with the iHub community! And a few members of the team (Senior Program Officer & Project Lead: Prasanna Lal Das; Platform Manager: more

Intro to Crisis Mapping & Standby Volunteer Task ForceRSVP

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Friday 13th January 2012
  • Starts: 6:00pm Ends: 8:00pm

The Standby Volunteer Task Force (SBTF) is a global network of more than 700 volunteers in over 70 countries who provide live crisis mapping support to humanitarian & human rights organizations responding to natural disasters and complex emergencies. Since the launch of the volunteer network in 2010, the Task Force has partnered with a host of different organizations including UN OCHA, UNHCR, WHO, Amnesty International USA and several other groups. These partnerships have resulted in live crisis maps for Libya, Somalia and Syria; and live disaster maps for New Zealand, Turkey, Australia and Colombia.

Operationally, the Task Force is organized into about a dozen individual teams, each of which focuses on a specific information management process. This modular team structure adds the flexibility required in crisis response.

Individual SBTF teams are activated to meet evolving needs. For example, the Media Monitoring Team


Bob Collymore Fireside ChatAnyone

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Thursday 12th January 2012
  • Starts: 6:00pm Ends: 8:00pm

Bob Collymore is the current CEO of Safaricom Limited.  Prior to joining Safaricom, Bob was the Chief Officer for Corporate Affairs in Vodacom Group responsible for the Group’s Corporate Communication, Ethics and Compliance, Legal, External Relationships and Corporate Social Responsibility. Prior to that, he was Vodafone’s Governance Director for Africa where he was responsible for developing and driving Vodafone’s strategy for its investments in Africa as well as representing Vodafone as a key direct foreign investor in a number of African countries.  Bob has more than 25 years of commercial experience working in the telecommunications sector.





Richard Von Kaufmann talkRSVP

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Tuesday 10th January 2012
  • Starts: 6:00pm Ends: 8:00pm

On the 10th of January 2012, Richard von Kaufmann, the co-founder of Finland’s leading social media agency Zipipop, and Creative Director and Chairman at Reality Creating Media (RCM) will be giving a talk at iHub Nairobi from 6pm to 7pm about a candidate matching service called Shadow Election that RCM hopes to bring to Kenya in time for this year’s elections. He will also introduce the work they have been doing at Zipipop, and would be happy to answer questions about the Finnish startup scene in general.


EANOG: Network Operators MeetupRSVP

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Saturday 17th December 2011
  • Starts: 10:00am Ends: 11:00am

EANOG: Network Operators Meetup


*iHub_ Green Member Welcome PartyRSVP

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Thursday 15th December 2011
  • Starts: 6:00pm Ends: 10:00pm

*iHub_ Green Member Welcome Party


Crowdpesa LaunchRSVP

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Wednesday 14th December 2011
  • Starts: 4:00pm Ends: 5:00pm

Crowdpesa, a mobile money mapping system that enables its users to find the nearest M-PESA agent,KRA payment point, ATM or Bank, is scheduled to launch officially on December 14, 2011. The Event will be hosted at the iHub Nairobi and will start at 6 p.m. Various representatives from the Information Technology industry and the Financial Sector are expected to grace the occasion.

Crowdpesa provides users with the convenience of locating financial and mobile money distribution points so as to allow for faster and more efficient transactions such as sending, saving and receiving money. The system uses a Geographic Information System (GIS) to locate their users on a map. It then proceeds to give them a list of financial distribution points closest from where they are. The user also receives a calculated distance from the service and the shortest possible route to the service.

Through its crowdsourcing model users can add new distribution points, take photos of distributio


Tech Talk by John WesongaRSVP

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Tuesday 13th December 2011
  • Starts: 6:00pm Ends: 7:00pm

Tech Talk by John Wesonga


Google+ API HackathonRSVP

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Saturday 10th December 2011
  • Starts: 9:00am Ends: 7:00pm

Calling all Kenyan coders! After the really fun Google+ hackathon we did in Johannesburg, we’re bringing the action here to Nairobi on Saturday, December 10. If you’re interested in the Google+ API, you’re going to want to be here for this! We’ll be covering the +1 button, Google+ hangout applications, and working with the Google+ public data API. And of course, there will be awesome prizes for the winning app.

Jo’burg built a hangout app that was out of this world!! So lets see what kind of innovation Nairobi can deliver!

The Details:

What: Google+ API Hackathon

When: Saturday, December 10 2011, 9am to ~7pm

Where: iHub, Nairobi

How: Apply below ASAP!

Lunch and snacks will be provided, and you’re encouraged to join us at the Brew Bistro afterwards for drinks.

Space is limited so be sure to regist


Hands-On UX WorkshopRSVP

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Thursday 8th December 2011
  • Starts: 10:00am Ends: 1:00pm


This workshop is a follow-up to a recent Wireless Wednesday event that focused on User Experience research for startups. The event will be a practical step-by-step session testing the usability of mobile applications.

Convergence AfricaAnyone

  • Venue: Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi
  • Date: Thursday 8th December 2011
  • Starts: 8:00am Ends: 8:00pm

Convergence Africa brings together CEOs, thought leaders and investors from across the continent, and delves deeply into today’s business issues to produce insights and enable investors to connect with some of Africa’s leading companies.


PaymentView Release | FrontlineSMS:CreditRSVP

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Tuesday 6th December 2011
  • Starts: 5:00pm Ends: 6:00pm

PaymentView Release | FrontlineSMS:Credit


Developer Community Launch - HewaniRSVP

  • Venue: iHub, Nairobi
  • Date: Monday 5th December 2011
  • Starts: 6:00pm Ends: 8:00pm

Virtual Live will demonstrate an ecosystem where developers, producers of products & services, Telco’s and financial instruments can come together and work more efficiently and effectively through the power of the mobile handset. 

The Hewani Appstore is in line with our strategy to simplify people’s lives and to take advantage of existing mobility tools & the tremendous growth in mobile money, drop in cost of smart phones, increased interest in mobile applications. 

Players in the eco system have been swift to respond to the changes. The Government has been keen to develop locally relevant digital content through Tandaa sponsored and spearheaded by Kenya ICT Board. Telco’s have been keen to bring down the cost of data. Handset manufacturers have been instrumental to developing locally relevant and affordable Smartphone technology. <


Africa Creative Economy ConferenceRSVP

  • Venue: Desmond Tutu Conference Center, Westlands, opposit, Nairobi
  • Date: Sunday 4th December 2011 :For 3 days
  • Starts: 6:00pm Ends: 5:30pm

The aims of this conference are:

  • To assess and share some of the research done to date on the African creative economy in order to inform advocacy strategies in support of the African creative sectorrigorously
  • To interrogate the available research and the relationship between the African creative economy and development, cultural diversity and other contemporary cultural themes
  • To provide a platform primarily for African experts and thinkers on the African creative economy or aspects thereof, to share their insights and perspectives (note: most of the speakers will be Arterial Network members)
  • To identify areas for further research, interrogation and action - continentally, regionally and nationally - after the conference
  • To identify links, opportunities and potential relationships – if any –with the creative economies of the north and the south, but particularly south-south.

If you are interested in


*iHub_ vs. AGES Group Soccer MatchAnyone

  • Venue: Kenya College of Communications Technology, Nairobi
  • Date: Saturday 3rd December 2011
  • Starts: 10:00am Ends: 12:00pm

*iHub_ vs. AGES Group Soccer Match


Virtual Live 2011RSVP

  • Venue: Sarit Centre, Nairobi
  • Date: Thursday 1st December 2011
  • Starts: 10:00am Ends: 1:00pm

We will be launching our ecosystem platform that will bring together mobile apps, mobile money and several vertical segment services in Distribution, Health, Education, Transport, Retail and Utilities. 

All these services will run on the mobile platforms with pre-built integration into Safaricom M-Pesa and Equity 247. The ecosystem also very importantly includes a Service Delivery Platform enabling any entrepreneur, merchant, marketer or developer to create their own apps and deploy them to the market without being experts in integration technologies. 

Developers will have access to roll out USSD, SMS, Web, WAP, Symbian, Android and Windows application downloads from our platform and charge from them thereby earning revenue immediately.   

Through these options a Citizen with a simple KShs 3,000 device can access all these services and pay for them in one integrated experience.

Note: this will be is the first USSD App Store in


AfriHealth ConferenceRSVP

  • Venue: Kenya International Conference Centre, Nairobi
  • Date: Wednesday 30th November 2011 :For 2 days
  • Starts: 9:00am Ends: 5:30pm

Background Information

AfriHealth was first held in 2007 to bring together researchers, medical practitioners and ICT personnel to share information on the developments in the use of ICT to improve healthcare in Africa. We have in the past addressed the use of ICT to improve patient safety and enhance healthcare delivery in Africa.

AfriHealth 2011 will focus on current research, development and implementation of ICT technology and resources in the African Healthcare arena. A key objective of the conference, now in its fourth year, will be to share knowledge and experience from practical mobilization of ICT-based healthcare systems and projects, to showcase best practice through practical case studies and highlight potential for scaling up success stories at national and regional levels.

It will again be the meeting point for all healthcare managers and professionals engaged in the African healthcare sector to share ideas, showcase development


CIO100 AwardsRSVP

  • Venue: Safari Park Hotel  , Nairobi
  • Date: Monday 28th November 2011 :For 3 days
  • Starts: 8:00am Ends: 5:00pm

Recent economic and business cycles and shifts have demonstrated the critical role business technology leadership plays within organisations. But technology only delivers for an organisation when it is combined with strong business leadership. Attend this event to learn how you can effectively leverage technology in your business.

Following on the success of the inaugural CIO100 Symposium and Awards in 2010, this year's event brings together leading CIOs from fast moving consumer goods manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, transport and logistics, financial services, business information, tourism, central and local government. Join us on the day so they can pass on their advice on how to address today's technology challenges.

Demand for places is expected to be high. Book now to avoid disappointment. 

Why you should attend:

  • Hear direct from leading CIOs who have successfully tackled the challenges you are


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