To catalyze the Kenyan tech community’s growth.



Membership is open to those who are in the tech field – programming, design or research. Upon acceptance, one is given a special ID card that permits one entrance to the *iHub_ for free. There are three levels of membership:

white member

White membership : This is and will be the first level of membership that ALL iHub members must go through. It is also the membership that the other memberships will default to after the the arranged periods expire.

  • Weekly newsletter
  • Access to post on jobs board
  • Entry into iHub space one day a week
  • Invitation to events at the iHub

green member

Green membership : Green membership will be offered to white members who apply for it. The prerequisite is that the member is involved in a project that has the following needs:

  • The applicant need a physical location to work out off
  • The applicant needs to source for other developers and designers to join the project
  • The project will grow, create a minimal viable product or service and is ready for help to scale

An applicant will make an appearance at the iHub Space, and be interviewed by the iHub Manager, with a member of the Advisory board and a Red member who is in a similar line or venture. The purpose of the Red member is to have first-person advantage in terms of collaborative opportunities. However in case of conflict-of-interest, the Red member need not appear.

Its assumed the applicant resides in Nairobi and will be required to come in for an interview to get membership. That way if the applicant is not in Nairobi, the Green membership slot is open.

After the specified period of Green membership (6 months) a Green member will automatically become a White Member. However the Green member may make a request for extension from the iHub Advisory Board facilitated by the iHub manager.


  • All of the White membership benefits
  • Full access to the iHub Space
  • Publicly viewable web profile
  • Invitation to Pivot East Competition
  • Use any of iHub Initiative’s services for non-commercial work
  • Access to iHub corporate partner events at the iHub

red member

Red membership : A Green member who has completed the 6 month period and has a minimum viable product or service will be in line to Red membership. However Red Membership requires one to pay Kshs.15,000 for a desk, and a locker. the membership will be 12 months. A Red member who successfully leaves the iHub Space as a formal start up will continue to be part of the Red Membership of iHub as an iHub Net member. This will This membership is perpetual but may be terminated by the member or iHub.

  • All of the Green Membership benefits
  • Office service such photocopy and print at subsidised prices
  • Courier service with iHub as the Physical location
  • 30% cost for use of the mLab Board room
  • Access to the iHub’s Corporate partners and propose collaborative projects
  • Become iHub Consulting’s Implementation Partners
  • Receive advice on market research from iHub Research
  • Be part of the product development and testing at iHub UXLab
  • Get server space for mobile and web application hosting from iHub Cluster