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Macroeconomic Modelongoing

One of the first projects we are taking on is the building of a Macroeconomic Model. A macroeconomic model is a tool designed to describe the operation of an economy in a region. This would be a large-scale macro econometric model where we would depend more on past correlations instead of theoretical relations. The idea is to find out what exactly causes our economy to grow/stagnate.
For example, impact of rainfall on electricity output and the net result of that. Correlation between higher transport costs (due to the fact that most of our goods are transported using road and not rail) and reduced exports. What causes the Kenyan shilling to actually fluctuate. By broadening the scope of our datasets, we hope to have a more accurate picture of how the economy in Kenya functions. We now have the technical infrastructure to do this.

Analytics Blogongoing

Modeled around Freakonomics, we have enlisted the support and help of three partners. iHub Consulting, Brain Trust Strategies and the Praxis Group. The idea is to analyze publicly available data and conduct interesting experiments to show how analytics can be used in day-to-day life.