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Tech Meets Conservation – 10th April 5-6pm

Following the success of Earth Hour Kenya and the great turnout from #TeamiHub, we’re pleased to introduce the Tech Meets Conservation meetup. This will be an initiative dedicated to brainstorming and open discussion on how technology can be used to improve conservation efforts, building on our promise to continue the spirit of Earth Hour, BEYOND […]

The iHub Website Volunteers and Plan

We’re trying to get two things done by the end of April. First, the space build-out. Second, the website, especially the membership process. This second item is very important, as it’s what will help us extend our presence beyond the physical space itself, and our goal is to make it a valuable place for all […]

iHub – Ideas, Interests, Investments, Innovations

Quoting Eric Schmidt from a recent article on innovation in the Washington Post: More than ever, innovation is disruptive and messy. It can’t be controlled or predicted. The only way to ensure it can flourish is to create the best possible environment — and then get out of the way. It’s a question of learning […]

Meet the volunteer team-data cabling

When you invite volunteers to a project, people always wonder, what is in it for me? How will i befit the organization? How about my time, will I balance well? Well, those a valid questions that anyone would ask but in many cases, people may not volunteer because their dont see the value proposition. Which […]

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