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Help us (Ushahidi) engage with you better!

Guest blog by Angela Oduor Ushahidi is growing. And Ushahidi is making some changes. We’ve been talking a lot lately about how we’re growing and how to better serve our base: you. Since the very beginning we’ve relied on all the great work that you do. How? You help us improve the tools we build; You help us translate a […]

High School Bootcamp Reloaded!!

Reblogged from Its that time of the year again . Last year, our focus was design, this year, we focus on mobile app development. AkiraChix is set to host yet another bootcamp targeting young girls in high school between the 2nd  and 6th  of December 2013. High School girls at past AkiraChix events This bootcamp will […]

Online Activity Has Potential To Escalate Election Violence

Nairobi, 31st January 2013 – Umati, a project of iHub Research and Ushahidi, has produced a pioneering collection of inflammatory speech, posted online by Kenyans in the past three months, as our presidential elections draw near. We embarked on this effort because of the influence that new media and social media apparently had on the […]

Uchaguzi Meet Up | ElectionsKe 2013 and Uchaguzi

It was a full house at the iHub yesterday evening as the Kenyan Uchaguzi Community made up of Social Media users, Mappers, Researchers, Developers, Journalists, and individuals interested in the Uchaguzi platform and the elections in general met. The agenda of the evening was: share Ushahidi’s plans for the Kenya 2013 elections, share iHub Research’s Umati findings (download reports here and here), demo […]

Uchaguzi Kenya Community Meetup | Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 | 5 – 8 pm | iHub

                      Join us for our Uchaguzi Kenya Community Meetup. We’ll discuss Ushahidi’s plans for the Kenya 2013 elections, share iHub Research’s Umati findings, demo the Uchaguzi platform and invite you join local community teams to to get involved. Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 Time: 17:00 […]

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