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Building Swahili Stop words Corpus for Computing

With Chris Orwa, Data Scientist, iHub Research iHub Research commenced phase two of Umati, the online hate speech monitoring project, in January 2014 with the aim of understanding how online conversations evolve over time in an election cycle and; detecting dangerous speech – speech with the potential to catalyse violence. In order to improve efficiency […]

A Recap of #UmatiForum: The Many Faces of Online Hate Speech in Kenya

Towards the end of January, iHub Research, with generous support from Internews, hosted the #UmatiForum: The Many Faces of Online Hate Speech in Kenya, a public conversation on the nature of online hate speech in Kenya. The Umati Project has been studying this to better understand the hate speech dynamic in Kenya and how it […]

#UmatiForum: The Many Faces of Online Hate Speech in Kenya

What do Kenyans understand hate speech to be? What events and issues influence hate speech online? Who/what are the key drivers of online hate speech in Kenya? Has online hate speech catalyzed offline (violent) events? These are some of the guiding questions for the Umati Project, which seeks to identify and understand the use of dangerous […]

Umati Phase II : Findings from July- September 2013 Monitoring Period

The Umati project seeks to understand the dissemination of hate and dangerous speech in the Kenyan online space. During the 2007 general election in Kenya, when Internet penetration in the country was still quite low, mobile text messages (SMS) were sent to incite the public to violence that left over 1,1oo people  dead and about […]

Released: Umati Analysis of Online Content from ICC and Devolution

‘Dangerous Speech,’ a subcategory of hate speech, first coined and defined by Benesch (2013), is speech or another form of expression that has a reasonable chance of catalyzing or amplifying violence by one group against another. Our Umati Project has been especially interested in Dangerous Speech since the inception of the project last September, only […]

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