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Coders FC poised for a great season

By Eric Ofe Coders FC  iHub’s football team will be having a tournament on Sunday 18th August.It is the first one for the team which narrowly missed out on the opportunity to play last season. The team has been doing quite well so far last season they managed come in 5th position in a league of 17 teams and […]

Code FC Needs You!

Fun fact: iHub has a football (not soccer!) team called Code FC. Other fun fact: Code FC is actually pretty good. We play in the LFS League, and with 12 games played in 2012 we were in second place, beating 16 (sixteen) other teams. With a new season starting up soon, we need new players […]

iHub ladies soccer team

In the last two year, we have discovered that iHub folks have several talents coding, designing, entrepreneurship and sports. For the longest time, the foosball table was the only avenue for demonstrating football prowess, until the male soccer team was constituted. They have gone on to beat teams like Nokia, Kibera etc… Not to be left […]

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