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Building Open Data Infrastructure and Strategies for Effective Citizen Engagement

The Kenya Open Data Initiative (KODI) was launched in July 2011 and now hosts more than 400 government datasets on the portal. This has since received hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of datasets downloads. Over the past year, *iHub_ Research and  Jesuit Hakimani Centre have been studying the impacts of Open Data on […]

Kenya’s Low Consumption of Open Data

by Christine Mahihu Background The Kenya Open Data initiative was launched in July 2011 and hosts more than 430 government datasets on The purpose was to make key government data freely available to the public through a single online portal. Unfortunately, this initiative has shown low success rates with users mostly due to factors […]

Central role of data in devolution

As we implement the new constitution, rural areas are coming more into focus and devolved government functions are scrambling to gain prominence and make revenue from within the counties. As a result, we are seeing five star hotels, roads and new cities being built in areas we would never previously have imagined. However, we can’t […]

Is Open Data just for the Government? – Part I

By Elly Okutoyi                                                                  For the past four months  (March- July 2013) iHub Research has been conducting a study on the emerging impacts of open data […]

Open Data in Developing Countries -Monitoring and Evaluation study on Kenyan OD technologies

  By Elly Okutoyi iHub Research   For the past six weeks, iHub Research has been conducting an ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation study on the impact of open data applications and technologies in promoting access to information . The focus for this study include technologies born out of the Code4Kenya ( pre-incubator initiative as well as those […]

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