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Imaginarium | Tapping into 3D Printing

By Joseph Mathai 3D printing sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Like saying a fine mess or agree to disagree. When most of us think of printing, it is in 2D on a surface like paper or a t shirt but 3D printing? What if I told you that you could actually print out a […]

Tech Terms for Dummmies

By Joseph Mathai Every community has its own “lingo” – a way of communicating with terms and phrases unique to it. So does the tech community and if you’re new to this fraternity of thinkers there are a few buzz words you might want to learn. This is not a long list just a couple […]

KTN’s TV Coverage from the *iHub_

Larry Madowo from KTN was at the iHub launch on Wednesday. Here’s his video piece with a lot of good soundbites from the attendees: “KTN’s Larry Madowo reports that technology startups, application developers, web designers and other techies in Nairobi now have a place to meet, network and get connected to the right people to […]

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