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Tenets and Traps of Usability Training

What are the 3 elements that make a product, service or experience successful? What are the basics of ensuring your software is easy to use?   We invite you to a public training given by Microsoft Design Research Lead, Robin Counts. Robin comes to us with experience designing and understanding the success of products such as Windows 8, PowerPoint, […]

Microsoft Myskills4afrika training: Building a Messaging and Storytelling Framework

Creating a foundation of messaging for your company, product or service is key to being able to consistently ‘snap’ to a cohesive message when talking to customers and partners by segment. It helps define clearly and consistently the message/s you will want to use across audiences and provides a solid foundation for your marketing and […]

Mobile Monday March 2014

Guest post by George Murage Topic: Opportunities for Startups and Developers at Microsoft Microsoft4Afrika Initiative last month commemorated 1 year since its inception in February 2013. This month’s mobile Monday that will take place on Monday, 31st March from 6-8pm at the iHub will highlight key 4Afrika programs and their beneficiaries, at the same time showcasing […]

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