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Microsoft Virtual Tools Training

Microsoft will be conducting a training session at the iHub, which will be centred around how to effectively use the Microsoft virtual tools.The trainings will be held everyday from the 3rd to the 7th March 2014 starting from 9AM to 1PM. Some of the virtual tools to be trained on are; Microsoft lync: This is […]

Windows 8 Store Apps: Less on chrome, more on content

A Windows Store app is a new type of app that is downloaded from the Windows Store and runs on Windows 8 devices. It runs in a single window that fills the entire screen by default. It automatically works with a variety of input sources, including touch, pen, mouse, and keyboard. Instead of static icons, […]

.NET User Group Meetup 2014 + iHub

From last year, NUG has been having meet ups on every last Wednesday of the month at the iHub. The first of this year is on Wednesday, 29th January. Mark that. The main purpose of this meetup is for members to share experiences and provide a friendly and supportive environment for each other, present relevant topics that are of […]

Taking Unit Testing to the Next Level (.NET User Group Meetup 27th November 2013 1800hrs)

In this series of .NET User Groups we are going to talk about improving software quality using Visual Studio 2012.  The tips will not be limited to features and functionality. In addition to looking at new features that Visual Studio 2012 provides, we will also look at things like design techniques, process improvements, time saving […]

Dot Net Meetup: August 28th at the ihub

By Stephen Ebichondo  One of the most criticized features of Visual Studio ever since it came out has been the ability, or lack and inadequacy thereof, of the IDE to integrate third-party unit testing libraries into it.There are many views on which is the best time to write unit tests for software, some folks feel […]

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