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Uchaguzi Monitoring And Evaluation Final Report Released

   iHub Research conducted a 6-month assessment of the Kenya 2013 Uchaguzi deployment. Today, we release the final report detailing the process of deploying the ICT election-monitoring platform during the March 4th Kenya elections. An earlier brief was released immediately after the week of the Kenyan elections in March 2013. The deployment was a collaboration […]

RELEASED: Uchaguzi Monitoring & Evaluation Brief

During Kenya’s 2013 General Election, Uchaguzi Kenya 2013, a joint initiative between SODNET, Ushahidi, CRECO, and Hivos (with support from CIDA), was used to help increase transparency and accountability through active citizen participation in the electoral cycle. Uchaguzi was coordinated through an ICT platform, which enabled Kenyans to keep an eye on the vote and provided […]

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