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‘NGO’ Money: Really?

I opted not to immediately get into the heated debate that this Wired article sparked and spent some time mulling over this debate. Here are my thoughts. I find the premise that hype around NGO funded apps is stifling innovation in Nairobi rather simplistic, NGO in this case being used as a catch all for any entity that’s not for […]

VC Course this July by Savannah Fund and University of Cape Town

Guest post by Audrey Cheng With the rise of entrepreneurship in East Africa, there is a parallel rise in misunderstanding of the role of venture capital, how to pitch to venture capital, how to scale an early-stage high-growth venture, etc. So Savannah Fund decided to partner with Knife Capital and the University of Cape Town to bring […]

Unorthodox Ways of Finding Funding for StartUps

Join the conversation here There’s a story in tech circles, of how one Startup raised funding for its operations: They put a beggar outside the offices door, and hang a sign that read: “Please support this startup, for every dollar you give, I get a commission” The name of the Startup or how much they […]

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