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Intel in Africa – A Heck of A Fight Part II

(Read Part I) Intel’s Onslaught into Mobile Intel’s processors power 80% of all desktops worldwide. Yet, Intel which dominates the processors space, recognizes that mobile is the next direction. It has gradually been repositioning itself not to get left behind in this sector, especially in emerging markets where the growth of the mobile phone , […]

The Web 100 (Do You Really Need A Website?)

By Stig Njiru “Where is my website?” or “There’s something wrong with the API so we can’t do what your asking.” or “Its just creating a few web pages then uploading, shouldn’t take you more than a day.” or “..ahh there’s no way I’m doing it for that price”…these are some of the phrases/thoughts that […]

Zuku: Bandwidth Heaven for the iHub!

Bandwidth is the lifeblood that brings us together in this new digitally connected internet age. This was never more true than this weekend at Barcamp Nairobi where we collectively downloaded 152 Gb and uploaded 53 Gb of data in two days. A BIG Thanks to Zuku As we scrambled last week to get the iHub […]

Thomas Roessler from the W3C

We were honored to have Thomas Roessler of the World Wide Web Consortium as one of our visitors today at the iHub. He’s a past ICANN board member, and is right in the center of the push for the mobile web. He gave us a talk on how the future of the web is mobile. […]

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