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The Rwandan Tech innovation landscape

By Chrisostom Mwairumba   iHub Research’s African Tech Innovation Index team recently visited the land of a thousand hills  – as it is often referred to. The purpose of the visit was to conduct a fieldwork study on Tech innovation in the country. The following article highlights Rwanda’s Tech Innovation landscape as observed by a […]

The Nairobi Research Buzz: Session 2 – Tech Innovation in Africa

What is Tech Innovation? Is African Tech Innovation any different and can it be measured? Are there hidden hotbeds of innovation in Africa?  Can Africans be more innovative? The second session of ‘The Nairobi Research Buzz’ will serve as a forum to answer these questions and others, in the context of African Tech Innovation. Details […]

Igniting the invisible: African Tech Innovation Index

By Gladys Kitony On Monday, 16th January 2013, the African tech-Innovation Index (ATII) Research project was initiated at iHub Research. The project brings together a highly qualified team, which is passionate about tech innovation. The  team is led by Brian Omwenga, a senior iHub Research fellow (PhD Candidate –School of Computing and Informatics – University of […]

iHub Research in 2013

iHub Research engages in community-oriented research and is therefore keen to ensure community collaboration at different levels. It is for this reason that we have recently initiated an Outreach Program to the community that will use various ways to raise awareness of our activities and foster collaborations with the iHub community, academia, research organizations, policy […]

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