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The Multi Screen World (Infographic)

Guest Blog By: Russel Cooke  Is it a multi-screen world? Research from search giant Google says yes. In 2012 Google reported that 90% of all of today’s media interactions are screen-based and people move between multiple devices. Users will switch devices depending on the actions they’re performing and portability is a major factor in the rise […]

The Evolution of Mobile Innovation (Infographic)

Guest Blog By Ivan Serrano Once upon a time cell phones weighed 2.2 pounds. That was advanced back in the early 80’s, when a Macintosh was the size of a wall, and owning a cell phone was like owning a shiny new boat. The cell phone had one function: dial another person. Needless to say, […]

The Art of International Business

Guest Blog By: Dave Landry jr With global economies constantly fluctuating and businesses struggling more than ever to thrive with a purely domestic presence, it’s more viable than ever to have a business presence on multiple shores. But in order to so, a business must become fundamentally multilingual, as an enterprise will never thrive if it’s […]

Mobile Technology in East Africa

Link to infographic. In the first quarter of this year, iHub Research prepared an infographic giving a general overview of the mobile sphere in East Africa for year 2011. This infographic showcases the different levels of uptake of mobile phones and related technology in the region. At the close of 2011, Kenya was the leading region […]

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