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Announcing Afrikoin on Nov 20th in Nairobi

On behalf of Savannah Fund:

Launching *iHub R’s New Data Science and Visualization Lab

Do you have an app or enterprise tool? Have you been staring at your dashboard and wondering how you can commercialize or use the data you are collecting to improve your product? Are you a geek or just a noob wondering what is all this hype around big data? *iHub Research is thinking of you, […]

iHub Entrepreneurs Report

By Hilda Moraa and Wangechi Mwangi (Download the report here ) Abstract This research aimed to understand the impact of the ICT Hubs to entrepreneurs. An ICT hub is a space where technologists congregate to bounce ideas around, network, work, program and design to bring their ideas to fruition. The first ICT Hub of the 15 […]

The Dynamic Research Team

iHub Research is made up of a group of passionate individuals who are driven and motivated to deliver quality research in the ICT sector. The iHub Research team is drawn from a diverse group of talented individuals whose distinct skills make up exceptional synergy within the team. The team is committed to producing stellar content for […]

Mobile Technology in East Africa

Link to infographic. In the first quarter of this year, iHub Research prepared an infographic giving a general overview of the mobile sphere in East Africa for year 2011. This infographic showcases the different levels of uptake of mobile phones and related technology in the region. At the close of 2011, Kenya was the leading region […]

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