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Meet a Maker with Gearbox: CladLight

Following our last post, Why the Maker Movement, we figured it’d be great to develop a blog media series that goes towards defining the ‘state of the union’ as it were. Our Meet the Maker Series will be periodic posts dedicated to promising, up and coming local hardware developers; Jua Kali 1.1 This series will  be […]

Sms and USSD VS Native Applications

By Kelvin Mbugua Is going for sms based solutions opposed to using native apps offering half backed “convenient solutions” good for us? How sustainable is it? Should we continue with things the way they are or try our hand in disruptive innovation as the tech community in Kenya. We have had fun with sms and […]

How We Hire

How does an organisation decide whether or not to hire more personnel? On one hand, you want to limit hiring to what is absolutely necessary. But on the other hand, you do not want your current team to be short handed and consequently get overworked. The iHub team has grown tremendously over the past couple […]

Mobile East Africa 2014 welcomes the man that Forbes measured as the “world’s most influential expert in mobile”

Guest Post By: Matthew Dawes HERE COMES TOMI… This time last year I was lucky enough to have a post included in this newsletter titled “Don’t look to me for the answers – I’m just a conference organiser” where I went into detail about why I love organising conferences, mainly because I’m not dictating anything to […]

This week at iHub

Welcome to a walkthrough pictorial of your iHub week. (Monday 18th November) Monday with Microsoft: Monday was all about Microsoft which was a great learning experience for IT companies and start ups as Microsoft was at the iHub to talk about their 4Afrika program. Representatives from Microsoft were at hand to expound on the benefits of […]

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