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Tech Meets Conservation

The World Wildlife Fund approached iHub in 2012 to discover how they could engage tech in their conservation efforts. Since those early conversations, iHub Consulting has led the effort to create a movement within the tech community which will focus on finding solutions for conservation using technology and getting more young Africans involved in environmental conservation. […]

Project Managers’ Meetup

iHub has formed a partnership with the Project Management Institute – Kenya chapter (PMI-K) to build on critical project management skills that are needed in the local tech scene. Through activities like training, research and  regular networking events, issues, opportunities and skills will be shared between practicing professionals in Kenya and techies in the iHub community. […]

The iHub Design & Layout

Two of the best designers in Nairobi, individuals from our tech and design community, have really stepped up. Fady Rostom and Kwame Nyong’o have spent hours with us trying to figure out what to do with this big empty room that is the iHub. It’s hard to express how much time and creative energy go […]

iHub – Ideas, Interests, Investments, Innovations

Quoting Eric Schmidt from a recent article on innovation in the Washington Post: More than ever, innovation is disruptive and messy. It can’t be controlled or predicted. The only way to ensure it can flourish is to create the best possible environment — and then get out of the way. It’s a question of learning […]

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