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#AskWaikenda at the iHub: as it happened

Last Thursday, the iHub played host to Machel Waikenda who runs #AskWaikenda on Twitter and Facebook every week. This came about as a result of a chance tweet to him asking him when he’d be visiting the iHub. He responded quite fast, asking us to invite him. The idea behind this session was to have […]

#AskWaikenda at the iHub on 14th November at 6pm

On Thursday, 14th November , we will be hosting Machel Waikenda at the iHub for a fireside chat. Kenya’s population is primarily youth (over 78% under 34 in 2010), and this can be a source of competitive advantage for Kenya. Join us at #AskWaikenda at the iHub next Thursday as he engages the tech community […]

Will Slapping 16% VAT Cripple Growth of the Kenyan ICT Industry?

By Varyanne Sika If you bought your Lumia at KES 15,000 or your Intel phone at KES 11,000 count yourself lucky. After a recent enactment of a new law governing Value Added Tax (VAT) in Kenya, you should now expect to be buying the same Lumia from at least KES 17,400 or the Intel phone […]

Intel in Africa – A Heck Of A Fight Part I

  “The number of transistors incorporated in a chip will approximately double every 24 months” – Gordon Moore, Intel co-Founder. Gordon Moore’s famous 1965 observation has stood the test of an ever-changing technology industry to hold true, 47 years later. Year after year, Intel® microprocessors have gotten faster, more efficient, more powerful, and yet more […]

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