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RSVP now to the Evernote Developer Engagement Event

Engaging Nairobi: Evernote’s quest to discover the best East African apps In collaboration with the African Technology Foundation, starting on July 4th 2014 the Evernote International Partnership and Developer teams will expand to Nairobi their search to find and showcase the top African applications that integrate with the Evernote platform and open API. The journey […]

From Africa to Silicon Valley – The internationalization journey for African Startups

Guest blog by Stephen Ozoigbo I was in a café in Barcelona when I heard the news: Facebook acquires Whatsapp for $19b! The fact that the acquisition story circulated within the same news cycle as the civil unrest in Ukraine was weirdly ironic.  Jan Koum, the Ukrainian founder of Whatsapp, had successfully negotiated an acquisition […]

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