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Lessons Learned: Lean Launch Pad experiences with Iain Verigin

Join us Tuesday August 12th 2014 at 5:30PM at iHub for a guest presentation by Iain Verigin on the UBC Lean LaunchPad Accelerator Program. Iain will be discussing an overview of the program, best practices and lessons learned. This is a must for any entrepreneur interested in the concept of lean startup and/or the customer development process. What is it? […]

6 Things A Nairobi Matatu Tout Can Teach You About Business

Guest Blog By: Huston Malande Matatu touts may not be the most cherished group of people in the country, but there’s no denying that there’s much to learn from how they handle a highly unpredictable and competitive market. About two years ago, I was plucking my beard trying to figure out how we were going […]


What initially began as an interesting discussion has quickly blossomed into a series of great forums where entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and fields get to interact. Dubbed the entrepreneurship forum these stimulating discussions from various speakers are more than simple one way presentations. Having attended the last two forums hosted by Dr. Bitange Ndemo, whose […]

She Leads Africa Launches Female Entrepreneurs Pitch Competition , $10,000 Cash Prize for 1st Place

  Lagos, Nigeria – She Leads Africa has announced the launch of a business pitch competition exclusively for female entrepreneurs, which will give the most promising female entrepreneurs in Africa a platform to connect to prominent mentors, business funding and new market opportunities. “Female entrepreneurs are unfortunately missing from the conversation around Africa’s growth story […]

‘NGO’ Money: Really?

I opted not to immediately get into the heated debate that this Wired article sparked and spent some time mulling over this debate. Here are my thoughts. I find the premise that hype around NGO funded apps is stifling innovation in Nairobi rather simplistic, NGO in this case being used as a catch all for any entity that’s not for […]

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