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Small Data: The Benefit to Techpreneurs

Tech entrepreneurs need to start maximizing the potential of  ‘small data’ from their applications In the last few months this year, there has been a lot of talk about ‘big data’ e.g. conferences and events demonstrating the power of open data and how it can be applied. The Open Government Partnership Conference on open data […]

GIST Startup Boot Camp Tanzania: Tech Entrepreneurs, Apply Now!

GIST Startup Boot Camp Tanzania is designed for high potential tech entrepreneurs from idea stage to 5 years in operation who are ready and committed to launch new business endeavors. GIST brings together top entrepreneurs from East Africa for this two day startup boot camp in Dar es Salaam. The goal of the GIST Startup […]

iHub Entrepreneurs Report

By Hilda Moraa and Wangechi Mwangi (Download the report here ) Abstract This research aimed to understand the impact of the ICT Hubs to entrepreneurs. An ICT hub is a space where technologists congregate to bounce ideas around, network, work, program and design to bring their ideas to fruition. The first ICT Hub of the 15 […]

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