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Why the Maker Movement

You may have heard of the rise of The Maker Movement, otherwise known as the Techie-DIY Movement or the Maker Culture. It’s a movement born of idyllic principles and centered around empowering communities around the world to actualize into thriving hyper-local communes that craft and invent using technology as an enabler. It’s base ideals aren’t […]

E-cramming vs. E-learning

by Lynda Okoko “To promote growth of the whole person through developing the mental, physical and emotive abilities and attitudes; to impact literacy and numeracy and nurture scientific and social skills; promote social equality and lay a foundation for further education” – objective of  Kenyan Primary Education. Electronic learning is the title the government is […]

NRBUZZ: What role does research play in edTech?

iHub Research  is excited to host this month’s NRBuzz, on Thursday 10TH April from 5.30 PM focusing on the EDTECH scene. This session will bring together start-ups and established entrepreneurs in the EDTECH scene to share their experiences from implementation of their platforms in education institutions and the role that research plays in their work. Technology […]


by Lynda Okoko “Education is a progressive discovery of our ignorance” Will Durant.  The introduction of technology into education shortened as ‘Ed-Tech’, to enhance learning spans back to the 15th century with the creation of the Hornbook, a wooden paddle with hand written lessons. At the time, this was considered a good method to present […]

Improving Education with Financial Innovation, Chapter-by-Chapter

The following is a series of guest blogs from the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP). Digital Finance Plus is the use of mobile money and branchless banking to make basic, essential services and utilities – in energy, health, education, and water, for example – more accessible to people at the base of the economic pyramid. Here finance […]

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