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by Lynda Okoko “Education is a progressive discovery of our ignorance” Will Durant.  The introduction of technology into education shortened as ‘Ed-Tech’, to enhance learning spans back to the 15th century with the creation of the Hornbook, a wooden paddle with hand written lessons. At the time, this was considered a good method to present […]

What can you do with the Raspberry Pi mini computer?

This month I got the opportunity to tinker with the Pi and explore different things one can do with it.  The motivation behind this research is to explore the possibility of using this device in high schools in remote areas in Kenya to get students more excited about programming and computer science. In Kenya, students […]

Education SharkTank Session at the iHub

Similar to the popular TV Show SharkTank, iHub and the A Factor hosted an education shark tank event on Thursday afternoon. The event  showcased 5 early stage  projects in edtech pitching to a group of investors for the opportunity to secure 5000USD in funding and mentorship. This event was  part of A Factor’s  innovation tour […]

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