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Central role of data in devolution

As we implement the new constitution, rural areas are coming more into focus and devolved government functions are scrambling to gain prominence and make revenue from within the counties. As a result, we are seeing five star hotels, roads and new cities being built in areas we would never previously have imagined. However, we can’t […]

The Three V’s of Crowdsourced Data

When can you use crowdsourced information (that is, information collected from citizens through online platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and text messaging) to get trusted information?Are there any particular identifiable characteristics of crowdsourced info that lends to making the info more or less credible? These are some of the guiding questions to a groundbreaking research […]

Power to Mortals

Never in the history of humanity has man had more power at his hands to influence the world in which he lives. Man now harnesses tools that were not even imagined a century ago to predict weather, plan and build smart cities 100 years into the future, and solve social-economic problems such as crime and […]

Data For Public Good | Talk by Sarah Williams, Director of the Civic Data Design Lab, MIT | 18th February, 2013 | 6 – 7:30 pm | iHub

On Monday, 18th February at 6 pm, Sarah Williams, Director of the Civic Data Design Lab at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), will speak about her use of data visualization to expose urban issues. Williams will specifically address using social media and cell phone data to analyze city dynamics. Before coming to MIT, Williams […]

Zuku: Bandwidth Heaven for the iHub!

Bandwidth is the lifeblood that brings us together in this new digitally connected internet age. This was never more true than this weekend at Barcamp Nairobi where we collectively downloaded 152 Gb and uploaded 53 Gb of data in two days. A BIG Thanks to Zuku As we scrambled last week to get the iHub […]

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