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Data Science Competition: Predicting Soil Properties

Our friends over at Africa Soil Information Service (AfSIS) have launched a competition to predict different African soil properties including calcium, phosphorous, pH levels, carbon and sand. These collectively describe a soil’s capacity to support agricultural activities, information that is important in planning for sustainable food production and natural resource management. The Globally Integrated Africa Soil Information Service […]

More on PIVOT25 Competition Finalists

A week ago we announced names of 25 finalists for PIVOT25. The finalists are now preparing to pitch their mobile applications at the conference in June 14th and 15th. Among the finalist are 2 entries from Rwanda, 1 from Uganda and 1 from Tanzania. More information about the finalist applications is availed below. Applications in […]

Join the iHub Logo Competition!

There’s only 3 days left in the iHub logo competition. If you believe you have the design chops to pull off the ultimate iHub logo that will be key to the whole iHub branding, check it out. 153 designs have been submitted in the first 4 days, some of them are excellent (some not!). The […]

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