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Open Data Call to Journalists | The Response

In our previous Open Data: Call to Journalists blog post, we introduced the concept of data journalism. In particular, we emphasized the need for journalists to acquire this skill for the double pronged purpose of using data to give credibility to the stories that they tell and use data analysis as content when telling stories. […]

Open Data: Call to Journalists

By Rhoda Omenya Code 4 Kenya is a pilot experiment being carried out as part of the Open Data Pre Incubator, where four fellows and four developers have been embedded in three media organizations and one civil society organization. One of the objectives of this project is to motivate media houses and civil society to […]

Of Coders and Post – it Notes

Empathy. Defining. Ideating. Prototyping and Testing. These are the design thinking principles that Coders from the Code4Kenya initiative learnt over a one day workshop held yesterday at m:Lab East Africa, Nairobi. The Coders (and Fellows) are from Code4Kenya, an initiative within the Open Data Pre-Incubator project. In Kenya it has been noted that though the […]

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