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NRBUZZ: Drones for Agricultural Monitoring in Kenya

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), commonly known as drones, in various fields of study is now a reality. A drone is commonly thought of as an aircraft without a human pilot on-board. Drones are now being used in a wide range of sectors such as conservation, search & rescue missions, warfare, agriculture and […]

Research To-Impact (R2I) Project: So far

 By Evans Campbell, iHub Consulting Did you know that upon selection, a government extension officer (responsible for training farmers) must go through a 2-week motorcycle riding course and pass to obtain a license? In January 2013, the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) and CABI, in collaboration with iHub Consulting and iHub Research sought to tackle the […]

Research to Impact Hackathon

After months, or sometimes years of very intensive studies, researchers produce long reports laden with jargon, which are often times published in exclusive academic journals only. Given the high cost of access to such publications, the practitioner on the ground that needs this information most is unable to use and practice findings from these research […]

Research to Impact Hackathon: Agriculture & Nutrition | January 22 – 25 2013 | iHub

  Linking information and data, and taking it to where it is needed Every year institutions, researchers and practitioners generate thousands of datasets, reports and articles about development issues. Yet, much of this knowledge remains underused , locked away in silos. The Institute for Development Studies (IDS), and Research for Development (R4D) have been working […]

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