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iHub By Joseph / March 31, 2014

How the Advancement in the Field of Digital Content and Media, Assisted People to Pass the Information so Quickly


Guest Post By Richard V Martinez  It is correct to state that, as of this part of the 21st Century of the Digital Age, there are major factors and technological advancement that have re shifted focus from traditional media and news institutionalization to a more digitally favoring age, that has not

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iHub By Angela Okune / March 29, 2014

Green members: interested in grooming the next generation of Kenyan techies?


Waza (Swahili for “Active Thinking”) Experience aims to foster active thinking and creativity in Kenyan youth. We are looking for iHub Green or Red members to volunteer their time to help mentor the next generation of Kenyan techies. The idea for Waza was born when several members of the iHub community came

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Susan Benesch

iHub Research By Angela Okune / March 29, 2014

Report: Countering Dangerous Speech during Kenyan elections


Professor Susan Benesch, a Faculty Associate of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University and research advisor on the Umati project has released a report describing a set of violence prevention methods carried out in Kenya during the national elections of 2013, to counter inflammatory speech and limit its power

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iHub By Mugethi Gitau / March 27, 2014

Kids Tech + Arts Camp


Gone are the days it was fun making your own necklace using beans and strings, making your own football ball, Akirachix is re-igniting this experience but adding a little bit of tech as well. If you have a kid or know of one who will benefit, get in touch by

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