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iHub By Jessica Colaço / November 18, 2010

Africa Gathering Nairobi 2010 on the 10th and 11th of December @ the *iHub_

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Africa Gathering is a registered organization that encourages sustainable development across Africa and beyond. In line with their vision of sharing ideas for positive change, they are pleased to offer you an opportunity to engage in a vibrant exchange of positive ideas amongst some of the world’s most passionate thinkers,

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Uncategorized By Jessica Colaço / November 18, 2010

Importance of Confidentiality Agreements and their role in Intellectual property law


Intellectual property refers generally to creations of the mind that can be made into tangible objects, such as literary and artistic works, inventions, symbols, names, images and designs. Intellectual property law is the corresponding set of laws that protect the creators of these works. Since intellectual property, or IP, can

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Uncategorized By Joseph / November 16, 2010

4th Mobile Boot Camp at Strathmore University


The 4th Annual Mobile Boot Camp is here, brought to us by Strathmore University in conjunction with the platinum sponsors Ericsson.The event is set to be held at Strathmore University from the 18th to 20th November 2010. A mobile boot camp is a crash-course session, usually spanning 2 – 3

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Uncategorized By Judith / November 15, 2010

Mobile Monday Meet-up


M-farm The Mobile Monday event at the iHub was full house. Jamilla from Akirachix was the first to present on the M-farm. The M-farm app won the IPO48 competition. Why did they make this app? Farmers are the backbone of the economy. The application allows farmers to buy and sell produce, it

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Uncategorized By Jessica Colaço / November 12, 2010

Tech events over the next week…

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At the *iHub_ Mobile Monday on Monday the 15th of Nov from 6pm  – 7.30pm Samsung Bada Developer’s Meetup on Tuesday the 16th of Nov from 6pm – 8 pm The Networked NGO by Beth Kanter on Thursday the 18th of Nov from 10am – 12pm Others: 4th Mobile Boot

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