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iHub By Jessica Colaço / February 20, 2012

Wireless Wednesday: Using Technology to Enhance Productivity of Agricultural Value Chains in Kenya

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As a continuing part of its series, m:lab East Africa will host a Wireless Wednesday event on 29th February 2012 from 12 noon till 2 pm. The theme of this edition of Wireless Wednesday is Using Technology to Enhance Productivity of Agricultural Value Chains in Kenya. The event will bring together

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Uncategorized By John Kieti / February 20, 2012

Gearing up for Mobile Web East Africa 2012 Conference


East Africa region continues to strengthen its profile as a mobile innovation hub. As mobile developers, entrepreneurs and stakeholders prepare for Pivot East, the regions mobile apps pitching conference in June, a couple of industry related events are happening as well. These events are helping to showcase East Africa as

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Uncategorized By Jessica Colaço / February 17, 2012

Drupal in a Day Training

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On February 24, 2012 Mountbatten is joining forces with our friends at Bantalabs (Senegal) for a full day of professional Drupal training. The event is taking place simultaneously in Kampala (Uganda), Nairobi (Kenya), Dakar (Senegal) and Saint-Louis (Senegal). The Kenyan and Ugandan program will have 2 separate sessions. The morning session

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iHub By Hilda Moraa / February 16, 2012

ICT Hubs: Initial Pre-test Insights from iHub


Assessing the Impact of African ICT Hubs to the Entrepreneurs: Last week, iHub research conducted a pre-test of the research instruments to be used to assess the impact of iHub on the entrepreneurs in the space. This is part of the on-going ICT Hubs Research Series that is studying fifteen

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iHub By Jessica Colaço / February 15, 2012

Cloud Computing Fundamentals


Does the term cloud computing cloud your thinking? Do you associate cloud computing to overcast weather? Are you tired of marketing buzzwords that are never explained like ‘SaaS’ (You read it as ‘Sasa’, a common Swahili greeting), PaaS (you assume this means a man from Western Kenya has had enough

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