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iHub Research By Nanjira Sambuli / September 17, 2014

What Tracking Misinformation in Tana Delta Entails


The Una Hakika project, which iHub is proud to support, focuses on creating an information system in which crowdsourced data is used to map the origins and flow of misinformation within the Tana Delta while also testing the effectiveness of countermeasures in order to reduce the influence of misinformation. MORE ABOUT

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iHub UXlab By Lynda Okoko / September 17, 2014

Latin ‘desired things’

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Susan Dray summarizes my idea of the iHub user experience (UX) lab with her quote ‘if the user can’t use it, it doesn’t work’. I’m a UX newbie by the way. Three months in and I’m still walking around with my pocket dictionary (aka Wikipedia app), but certain words have

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iHub By Mugethi Gitau / September 15, 2014

[Podcast] M:lab East Africa Interview with Sheilah Birgen


Guest post by Kennedy Kahiri   About  M:lab East Africa.       @mlabeastafrica m:lab East Africa is the region’s centre for mobile entrepreneurship. Their  services include business incubation, developer training, application testing, and ecosystem building. Having an application you want to test?   M:lab east africa have a testing room.

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