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iHub Research By Nanjira Sambuli / August 19, 2014

Umati’s Tech Evolution


By Sidney Ochieng The Umati Project is iHub Research’s effort to monitor dangerous speech online. Currently in phase 2, we’ve expanded the scope of the project, from merely monitoring instances of dangerous speech online, to analyzing how online public conversations take place over time, and how some of it veers

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iHub Research By Nanjira Sambuli / June 27, 2014

Online Dangerous Speech Monitoring in Kenya: Umati Project’s Findings from January – November 2013.


2013 was a rather eventful year in Kenya, with the elections (conducted under a new constitutional dispensation) and the subsequent settling in into new governance structures(devolution), the ICC cases against the President, Deputy President and a radio journalist on their alleged roles in the 2007/8 Post-Election Violence. Alongside these political

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iHub Research By Nanjira Sambuli / June 26, 2014

Speech: What’s Dangerous, and What’s Not?


With much happening in Kenya’s political scene that has many wary of the kind of speech being used in some of the rallies, and by some influential speakers most notably politicians, it is worth taking a step back and assessing what freedom of speech means, and its bounds. The term

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iHub Research By Nanjira Sambuli / June 2, 2014

The Evolving Scope of the Umati Project


Set up in September 2012 ahead of Kenya’s 2013 general elections, the Umati project sought to identify the use and role of social media in propagating hate speech online, something that at the time no other monitoring group was looking into. In particular, we set out to identify a particular

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Susan Benesch

iHub Research By Angela Okune / March 29, 2014

Report: Countering Dangerous Speech during Kenyan elections


Professor Susan Benesch, a Faculty Associate of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University and research advisor on the Umati project has released a report describing a set of violence prevention methods carried out in Kenya during the national elections of 2013, to counter inflammatory speech and limit its power

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