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m:lab By John Kieti / February 24, 2012

m:lab East Africa in crowd funding partnership for mobile entrepreneurs


A new partnership to help grow and finance innovative mobile start-ups in East Africa has been signed. The partnership is between m:lab East Africa and GrowVC International. It is an arrangement expected to benefit recipients of m:lab East Africa’s mobile entrepreneurship development services. The targeted beneficiaries include and are not

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m:lab By Jessica Colaço / February 8, 2012

30% Discount for iHub members for Mobile Web East Africa 2012


Mobile Web East Africa 2012 is an action-packed, progressive and highly interactive conference that over the course of two days will facilitate the growth of the mobile ecosystem in the region.  It has a fantastic speaker faculty and is tackling one of the most important aspects of technological development: harnessing

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m:lab By John Kieti / February 5, 2012

infoDev launches micro-work challenge

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As February came and brought with it reality checks for many of us to settle firmly into the new year, infoDev and Nokia’s IdeasProject launched the m2Work online challenge. It is a challenge that might drastically change the state of affairs with respect to micro-work. The challenge is backed by

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iHub By John Kieti / January 24, 2012

Samsung Apps – Diversifying Local App Distribution Options


The surge in Samsung’s smart-phone marketshare in 2011 may have surprised many. Earlier in 2011, the device manufacturer also surprised many when it announced 100 million downloads from its applications store, only a couple of months after opening. As TechCrunch’s John Biggs explains, the surprises may not be reducing soon

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iHub By John Kieti / January 19, 2012

Pivot East Competition Categories Explained

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Pivot East is this year’s edition of the region’s premier mobile apps / developer competition held successfully in 2011 under the name Pivot 25. It will culminate in a pitching conference on 5th and 6th June 2012. The competition has five categories, each with five finalists pitching to a rich

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