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m:lab By Sheilah Birgen / August 17, 2014

How to Use Mobile Phones to encourage information sharing within the agricultural value chains

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Smallholder farmers form majority of the farming capital in Africa, yet more often than not they are left out of the value chain’s growth. Mobile is a powerful tool in Africa. In fact, according to a report by GSMA, Mobile penetration across the region was 54% in 2012 and contributed

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iHub By Sheilah Birgen / July 25, 2014

Wireless Wednesday – How can mobile technology encourage information sharing within agricultural value chains


Agriculture is critical to global stability and development. It accounts for a third of the gross domestic products and three-quarters of employment in sub-Saharan Africa. (World Bank 2008). But most farmers still remain poor and out of touch with best practices that can yield to high production, prevention of post

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