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iHub UXlab By Mark Kamau / November 14, 2013

Scenario focused Engineering | Windows


This was the first in a series of 3 Design classes focused on the new Windows mobile and desktop platforms. The idea is to examine the underlying design principles and understand why things were built like they are and work like they do. The thinking is that by understanding the

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iHub UXlab By Mark Kamau / November 12, 2013

Intel Ideation Camp | Innovation


Last weekend we began the second Intel Ideation Camp after the success of the first ideation camp. This was a decent event with an impressive combination of minds in the iHub UX lab space coming together not only to learn but also challenge each other. This interactive and open atmosphere

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iHub UXlab By Mark Kamau / November 4, 2013

Intel Ideation Camp


After a successful first run, we are happy to announce that the Intel Ideation Camp is back. A few months ago, we ran the camp and was received overwhelmingly by entrepreneurs for its practicality and richness of substance. It is for this reason that we are once more introducing a

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iHub UXlab By Mark Kamau / September 29, 2013

What a Month!


We came to the end of Tajriba and what an amazing experience it was! We had world-class, training from some of the best user experience professionals in the world and from such a diverse perspective. This was the first of its kind this side of the world and a welcome

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iHub By Mark Kamau / September 23, 2013

Prototyping: It’s ok to fail… Really!


We had an amazing class on  prototyping by Erik Flower all the way from Salt Lake City, 14,000 miles away, but resonating and making tones of sense. It was an eye opener in many ways, especially to many who think you need to be a ultra trained uber geek to

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