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iHub UXlab By Mark Kamau / September 29, 2013

What a Month!


We came to the end of Tajriba and what an amazing experience it was! We had world-class, training from some of the best user experience professionals in the world and from such a diverse perspective. This was the first of its kind this side of the world and a welcome

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iHub By Mark Kamau / September 23, 2013

Prototyping: It’s ok to fail… Really!


We had an amazing class on  prototyping by Erik Flower all the way from Salt Lake City, 14,000 miles away, but resonating and making tones of sense. It was an eye opener in many ways, especially to many who think you need to be a ultra trained uber geek to

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iHub UXlab By Mark Kamau / September 16, 2013

The groundbreaking UX class from 14,000 miles!

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This is the first time we have tried this, and I certainly don’t know of anyone doing user experience classes virtually from 14,000 miles to Africa. In this sense, last week was a groundbreaking one for user centered design for Africa. We always say technology eliminates boundaries making the world

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iHub By Mugethi Gitau / September 10, 2013

What African countries can teach the rest of the world (and what it can learn)


A talk by UX expert Susan Dray As African countries become more and more engaged with human-centered design, it is important to remember that there is much that African countries can teach the world at the same time that there is much Africa can learn from the rest of the world. In

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iHub UXlab By Mark Kamau / September 9, 2013

First UX month in Africa Begins!

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Yesterday we opened a new chapter in the pursuit of Human Centered Design in Africa! For the longest time, I have been in awe and envy of the relatively developed user experience cultures of other societies in the west, while at the same time quite saddened by the lack thereof

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