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iHub By James Ndiga / May 21, 2014

Guardian Activate: Johannesburg


On 26th June 2014 a host of influential and inspirational figures from across Africa and the rest of the world will gather in Johannesburg to discuss how the open internet is reshaping the world. From investigative journalism and new models of media content, to the changing value of money and the role

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iHub By Angela Okune / March 29, 2014

Green members: interested in grooming the next generation of Kenyan techies?


Waza (Swahili for “Active Thinking”) Experience aims to foster active thinking and creativity in Kenyan youth. We are looking for iHub Green or Red members to volunteer their time to help mentor the next generation of Kenyan techies. The idea for Waza was born when several members of the iHub community came

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iHub By Abigael Wangui / March 6, 2014



Are you a student? Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit in you? Do you have a solution to a social problem that you’re working on?  If you answered yes to these questions then this is for you!   The Intel ideation camp is back and this time we are targeting

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iHub UXlab By Mark Kamau / February 23, 2014

Practical UX Skills: Talking to people

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We had a great kick off to the practical UX skills training. In many ways it was a getting to know each other session to find out who was who and their interests, but also learning real practical methods. Often we say in User Experince practice that you need to

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