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iHub UXlab By Lynda Okoko / September 18, 2014

Bad judgement – Experience – Good judgement.


A sort of continuation from my last blog ‘Desiderata’. Another UX word or should I say UX practice I have come across in my day to day newbie life is that of ‘critique’. Now I’m talking about ‘giving a detailed analysis of something’ and in design this analysis is not just an

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iHub UXlab By Lynda Okoko / September 17, 2014

Latin ‘desired things’

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Susan Dray summarizes my idea of the iHub user experience (UX) lab with her quote ‘if the user can’t use it, it doesn’t work’. I’m a UX newbie by the way. Three months in and I’m still walking around with my pocket dictionary (aka Wikipedia app), but certain words have

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iHub UXlab By Samantha Merritt / September 12, 2014

Google User Experience Masterclass at iHub


October 10-11 Google will be visiting the iHub as part of their effort to grow the user experience community in Sub Saharan Africa. We have timed their visit to kick off this year’s Tajriba UX event. (Trajriba details will be released very soon, so watch the blog and Twitter.) The

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Robin Counts

iHub Research By Angela Okune / August 7, 2014

Tenets and Traps of Usability Training


What are the 3 elements that make a product, service or experience successful? What are the basics of ensuring your software is easy to use?   We invite you to a public training given by Microsoft Design Research Lead, Robin Counts. Robin comes to us with experience designing and understanding the success of products

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Tech4Afrika cpy

iHub By James Ndiga / June 18, 2014

Welcome to Tech4Africa 2014 at the *iHub_


Tech4Africa is the premier mobile, web & emerging technology event, bringing global perspective to the African context. Tech4Africa is a one day event focusing on deep technical workshops and sessions for practitioners, and then engaging talks which impart knowledge, perspective, African context and inspiration. Tech4Africa also runs regular Developer Hackathons which

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