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iHub By Jessica Colaço / June 22, 2011

R@iHub Workshop: Designing 101


The research arm of the iHub presents to you Designing for the Users, Making Technology work for the day to day man. These will be a series of workshops to be held at the iHub by a number of reputable designers. On Friday 24th, Susan Wyche presents Design 101, what it

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iHub By Jessica Colaço / May 31, 2011

Impact and prospects generated by the mobile money ecosystem


This Friday (3rd June 2011) from 2pm – 4pm at the iHub, Tonny from the University of Nairobi will be discussing the impact and prospects generated by the mobile money ecosystem. He is a lecturer at the School of Computing and Informatics of the University of Nairobi in Kenya and

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iHub Research By Jessica Colaço / May 23, 2011

Research @iHubNairobi Workshop


Students, professionals and green members came together this past Friday (May 20) to work out the story of their organization/project/idea. Anna Clark, based in Kenya for 6 months on a Fulbright fellowship from the US, led a group of ten through an interactive discussion and variety of writing exercises to

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iHub Research By Jessica Colaço / May 17, 2011

R@iHub May 20th Workshop


What’s the story of your organization (or project, or idea)? What’s the story of you, as an entrepreneur and professional? In this interactive workshop, we’re going to find out. Through a series of exercises, participants will draft (or improve) their project narrative and their professional biography — two essential pieces of

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iHub By Jessica Colaço / May 17, 2011

AfriWiT – African Women in Technology Update


Taking up less than 15% of the industry, Women in Computing are a very rare species globally. In Africa, their numbers are dismal, and can sometimes be even dismissed to be irrelevant. But with projects such as M-Farm and initiatives such as Akira Chix and Girls on Map by Google

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