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iHub Research By Joseph / August 23, 2012

iHub Robotics Creative Boot Camp


The iHub Robotics Group is at it again! This time we will be conducting a two-day boot camp running from the 7th and 8th of September at the iHub using ATMEGA 32 microcontrollers.  Our challenge? To come up with and successfully build projects to suit beginners, as well as intermediary

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iHub By Anne / August 19, 2012

How to Get Your Work Published in a Journal


Publishing in International Academic Journals Are you a writer/researcher/ student of Masters and PHD looking to get your work published? Have you struggled to get a good home for your research works? It is a writer’s dream to get their work published in a journal. But what does this mean

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iHub By Editor / August 14, 2012

iHub Research Gets Funding For ICT Hubs Study


We are glad to announce that iHub Research has received a grant award of GBP 10,000 funding from IndigoTrust. This grant will be used to accelerate the on-going snapshot research study on ICT Hubs/Labs around Africa (AfriLabs and others). The objective of the study is to understand the models of the Hubs/Labs, its entrepreneurs

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iHub By Leo Mutuku / August 5, 2012

Living in Cocoons: Understanding User Centered Research and Design


We as technology creators are often faulted of sitting in our own cocoons within the iHub or in our bedrooms and developing for an imagined need and customer base. So, before you decide to make that next ‘amazing’ app that does wonders, please consider the following! We all agree that one of

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iHub By Leo Mutuku / July 27, 2012

Is Open Data Making an Impact?


Increasing the Consumption of Open Data in Kenya – The Open Data Pre-Incubator Experiment Download the Infographic Here. In this article here, I outline briefly, the current state of Open Data in Kenya. It emerges that the open data has not had as much impact as we would like it

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