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iHub By Leo Mutuku / July 12, 2012

An Open Experiment: Increasing Open Data Consumption in Kenya


The Open Data Pre-Incubator (Part I) Background The open data platform officially turned one on the 8th of July 2012.This ought to be a point of celebration. As a country, Kenya has come a long way; think back to a few decades ago, the era of monitored and controlled speech and

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iHub By Hilda Moraa / July 12, 2012

What impact do ICT Hubs have on Entrepreneurs in Africa?


ICT Hubs: Assessing the Impact of African ICT Hubs to the Entrepreneurs By Hilda Moraa Hive CoLab – A Case Study Hubs across Africa such as Hive CoLab in Uganda are spurring innovation among technology savvy youth through the creation and exchange of values with entrepreneurs in the space. These

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iHub By Editor / July 11, 2012

Water Governance | How Collaboration and Technology Can Help


By Albert Otieno and Rhoda Omenya Water is a vital part of citizen welfare, yet the government has faltered in providing adequate water delivery to its citizens. The media, civil society and academia triad has also failed in ensuring that citizen’s rights as regards water are met. Media has refrained

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iHub By Anne / June 29, 2012

INSPIRED BY BRILLIANCE! | An observer’s notes on ODDC 2012.


written By Rhoda Omenya Best Practices. Inspiration. Networking. Hack space. Co-Creation These were the buzzwords at the first Open Data for Development Camp in Kenya held at the iLabAfrica, Strathmore University on Wednesday and Thursday. The event coincides with the first anniversary of the launch of the Kenya Open Data

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iHub By Hilda Moraa / June 18, 2012

M-Governance Workshop: Potential of technology on water governance


Date:  5th  July 2012 (Thursday) Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Location: iHub Research Goal: The primary aim of the workshop is to: Engage the different stakeholders involved in governance under the Kenyan water sector–Government, Tech community, Civil society, residents from various areas, e.g. Kibera slums and NGOs in order

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