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iHub By Hilda Moraa / October 24, 2012

How Mobile technology has been used to create an impact in Cameroon


Introduction Salim Amin, chairman of A24 Media in Nairobi once said, “The mobile phone has had a bigger impact on the African than colonization”.  Mobile phones have certainly affected the vast majority of Africans and has subsequently been branded Africa’s Swiss army knife. The mobile infrastructure is the only infrastructure

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iHub By iHub Administrator / October 24, 2012

Guest Editorial: Money Management at the BOP


By Supriya Singh Irene[1], 30, sits in a pandanus hut fringed by mountains in the Morobe province inPapua New Guinea and tells how her family of six lives on $2.79 a day. They grow 150 kg of betel nut that brings them about 1000 kina (roughly $500) a year. This

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iHub By Angela Okune / October 24, 2012

How the Base of the Pyramid in Kenya uses their mobile phone


The cost of mobile phones has decreased steadily, and what was once considered a luxury good is now a necessity for many Kenyans. In order to understand mobile phone usage at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) in Kenya, iHub Research and Research Solutions Africa conducted a 6-month study, funded

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iHub By Editor / October 18, 2012

Bitange Ndemo: Protecting Local Innovation


As the Kenyan ICT industry grows, protection of intellectual property (IP) is becoming increasingly important. Protection of IP rights for computer software can be challenging, particularly in the area of patents. (Read More) . Below is Dr. Bitange Ndemo’s, PS for Ministry of Information,  talk on protecting local innovation. He was

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iHub By Rhoda / October 14, 2012

Open Data : Shades of Gray

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Open Data has been viewed as the catalyst to improving the individual, society and economy through: Promoted transparency and accountability in the public and private sector – which then leads to a decrease in corruption and promotes wiser use of public resources. Making citizens aware of the resources they have

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