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iHub Research By Nanjira Sambuli / June 27, 2014

Online Dangerous Speech Monitoring in Kenya: Umati Project’s Findings from January – November 2013.


2013 was a rather eventful year in Kenya, with the elections (conducted under a new constitutional dispensation) and the subsequent settling in into new governance structures(devolution), the ICC cases against the President, Deputy President and a radio journalist on their alleged roles in the 2007/8 Post-Election Violence. Alongside these political

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iHub Research By Nanjira Sambuli / June 26, 2014

Speech: What’s Dangerous, and What’s Not?


With much happening in Kenya’s political scene that has many wary of the kind of speech being used in some of the rallies, and by some influential speakers most notably politicians, it is worth taking a step back and assessing what freedom of speech means, and its bounds. The term

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Tech4Afrika cpy

iHub By James Ndiga / June 18, 2014

Welcome to Tech4Africa 2014 at the *iHub_


Tech4Africa is the premier mobile, web & emerging technology event, bringing global perspective to the African context. Tech4Africa is a one day event focusing on deep technical workshops and sessions for practitioners, and then engaging talks which impart knowledge, perspective, African context and inspiration. Tech4Africa also runs regular Developer Hackathons which

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iHub Research By Rhoda / June 13, 2014

iHub & Biz4Afrika : Conversations with Enterprises & Startups


By Varyanne Sika iHub is working with Microsoft 4Afrika to understand and provide support to help Entrepreneurs and Startups grow and leverage resources for their enterprises. To this extent we are going with you on this journey of discovery through conversation on Social media (Facebook and Twitter). We conducted an

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iHub Research By Leo Mutuku / June 12, 2014

Buntwani 2014 ­ “The potential of ICT in strengthening citizen engagement and participation”


The 2014 Buntwani event in Kenya will be the first of a regular series of events to be held in a different African country each year. The event aims to be a conversation starter and facilitator among various stakeholders actively involved and/or interested in the potential of ICT in strengthening

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