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iHub By James Ndiga / May 21, 2014

Guardian Activate: Johannesburg


On 26th June 2014 a host of influential and inspirational figures from across Africa and the rest of the world will gather in Johannesburg to discuss how the open internet is reshaping the world. From investigative journalism and new models of media content, to the changing value of money and the role

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iHub Consulting By Evans Campbell / May 8, 2014

Project Costing: A science or pure guesswork?


There is a story in the tech circle around how freelancers cost for projects. It is said that anytime you ask for a quote from a developer they will mull over it for a day or two and arrive at KES 80,000 as the figure. This usually applies for web

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iHub Consulting By Evans Campbell / May 5, 2014

A Fortnight with Consulting


iHub Consulting is currently privileged to be hosting Abiodun Ajibike (AJ) from Lagos, Nigeria for the next two weeks. AJ is a software developer and Chief Technology Officer with Circuit Atlantic, a logistics company that provides purchasing and shipping services for Nigerians looking to buy goods from the United States.

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iHub Consulting By Mercy Deche / May 4, 2014

Affordable Money Management Training

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Do you have problems with managing money? Every day millions of shillings exchange hands and every day millions more gets wasted. Managing money in this economy is a necessary skill, that unfortunately hasn’t been learned by everyone. Sometimes, it is through no fault of their own, sometimes people just don’t

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iHub By James Ndiga / April 22, 2014

Venture Capital Course Coming July 29-30


By Audrey Cheng With the rise of entrepreneurship in East Africa, there is a parallel rise in misunderstanding of the role of venture capital, how to pitch to venture capital, how to scale an early-stage high-growth venture, etc. So Savannah Fund decided to partner with Knife Capital and the University of Cape

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