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10th tallest bridge in the world|

iHub Consulting By Mercy Deche / March 7, 2013

Building Bridges


When iHub Consulting was formed, the main question was: How do we level-up local techies to be able to meet their clients’ needs and expectations? This question came about because it was clear that there was a gap in non-technical skills which are essential for growth of the local tech

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iHub By Hilda Moraa / February 12, 2013

iHub Research releases Water Governance draft report

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Use of mobile technology in promoting transparency issues in water governance   To download the full draft report, visit here This report details our M-Governance study, which aimed to understand the use of mobile technology in promoting transparency issues in water governance. The report targets mobile developers, water sector specialists,

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Aspects of Activspaces model that their members appreciate most

iHub By Hilda Moraa / January 21, 2013

ICT Hubs study: The impact of ActivSpaces model (in Cameroon) on its entrepreneurs


    Author: Hilda Moraa, iHub Research ( ABSTRACT This research is aimed at understanding the impact of the ActivSpaces model on its entrepreneurs. An ICT hub is a space where tech-entrepreneurs converge to network, learn from each other, design and program in order to conceptualize their mental creations. The

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iHub Consulting By Mercy Deche / January 10, 2013

iHub Consulting: 2013 In Preview


Since May of 2012, we’ve focused on laying the foundation for iHub Consulting. We’ve developed the team development mechanism, project management process, skills development framework and customer development framework. This year will be one of execution to get the initiative off the ground. Focus areas will be: building a strong

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iHub Consulting By Mercy Deche / November 9, 2012

The Web 102 (DefiningThe Brand)


By Stig Njiru In previous posts of The Web Series we have looked at the process of understanding the purpose of a website and specific business needs. In this post we will explore the process of defining a business brand and how this applies to its digital presence. There are

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