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iHub Cluster By Paul Muchene / March 2, 2013

How Could Supercomputers Be Used in Kenya?


Two weeks ago we covered the the more technical aspects of the iHub cluster. Though I did give an example of how a cluster may be used, it wasn’t really one that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to relate to. So this time around am going to focus

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iHub Cluster By Joseph / February 22, 2013

Power to Mortals


Never in the history of humanity has man had more power at his hands to influence the world in which he lives. Man now harnesses tools that were not even imagined a century ago to predict weather, plan and build smart cities 100 years into the future, and solve social-economic

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iHub Cluster By Paul Muchene / February 22, 2013

iHub Cluster Update

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Here’s a break down of what we’ve been up to since we went live a couple of weeks ago: a) SRE Training We have realized that there is a huge gap in this space in the ecosystem. There needs to be a pool of people who can work with clusters, crunching

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iHub Cluster By Editor / February 21, 2013

iHub Cluster | A Technical Deep Dive


By Moses Temu What is a cluster? To put it simply a cluster is an aggregation of several computers, the computational nodes that are networked together in a way that allows for them to act as one. So why do we need clusters? This is a bit of an extreme

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The Supercomputer - ISIOLO.

iHub By Editor / January 21, 2013

iHub Cluster Goes Live


It’s with great excitement and anticipation that we can formally say that the iHub Cluster is finally up and running! The iHub Cluster was a project thought of by an iHub Community member (Idd Salim) and was kindly funded by Google (through a grant) and Intel (through an infrastructure donation

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